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welcome to lizjonescoaching 
What are the major concerns in your life right now? 

  • Career? Money? Work/Life Balance?
  • Relationships? Family? Life Purpose? 
  • Health? Self-confidence? Blockages? Phobias? 
  • Business? Time Management? Cash Flow? Growing New Business? Staffing? 

Whatever they are, coaching can help you to be clear about how to get your life on track, to listen to your intuition and to plan your next steps. 
Liz believes that you have all the answers within you; you just need assistance in finding them and in making realistic plans for the future. Coaching is neither counselling nor therapy: It is, simply, an extremely effective way of taking you forward from where you are now to where you would like to be. 
What can I expect from a session? How does it work? 
Liz coaches face to face or over the phone. Usually a session lasts around an hour. She asks her client to fill in a short questionnaire prior to the session so that she can identify the opportunities and challenges in advance. These are then explored during the coaching session and when clarity is arrived at, goals are set to take the client forward towards their desired outcome.